Posted by: Judy | October 17, 2018

Progress Report

A little more than midway through the month. I need to be accountable.

Re-writes are taking much, much, much longer than I anticipated. My excuse is that instead of having a lot of writing time and squeezing everything in around it, I’m squeezing writing time in around everything going on.

I AM finally managing to re-write a chapter a week. The story is MUCH better. More details, more word choices, better word choices.

There are 37 chapters. I’m on chapter 12, less than half way through. However, the original story was just over 80,000 words. I’m currently sitting at over 41,000 words. That’s a lot of extra material.

I did my best the first time, but now I’m able to do better. I’m doing it. I wouldn’t be here without everything that came before.

I actually avoid caffeinated beverages. Caffeine makes me feel like I have ants crawling around under my skin. You’re welcome for that visualization. I don’t need any extra help on that score.

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