Posted by: Judy | October 3, 2018

Rosa Follow Up

And she’s gone. We made it through. Still here. Yesterday morning, every freeway had accidents. I decided to skip grocery shopping. I spent yesterday working on re-writes. A good choice.

It was fascinating to watch the rain pour down. However, it lacked the violence of some of our summer storms. Blessedly.

Of course, we received irrigation, as scheduled. LOL! Even the part of the yard where the irrigation doesn’t reach was flooded. Lots of rain.

The gutters along the street looked like small rivers, water racing to the runoff drains. We live in a “flood plain.” It’s never flooded. The waters of the Salt River were dammed long ago. Water has been released a couple of times. The most severe was over twenty-five years ago. The water remained within the banks, but a few banks were washed out, taking out a few homes and businesses. We’re about two miles from the riverbed, and the riverbed has since been deepened and widened to protect businesses and homes closer than we are.

When this neighborhood was built, over 60 years ago, the streets were made with a slight grade, so all the water runs “downhill.” I didn’t realize how much until we had a low fence built across the front, and there’s enough of a grade that there’s an extra layer of bricks at one end.

We don’t often have three days of rain, but it isn’t unheard of.

100% humidity. 3-day rain total: over 2 inches. (I want my own rain gage.) A bit of fog, which is also something that doesn’t occur often but is not unheard of. I ran one short errand and found the fog more distracting than the rain.

By afternoon, it was sunny and incredibly humid at 85%. For some, that isn’t bad. However, here, 2% humidity is not uncommon. It rained again around 5:00 pm. It’s supposed to rain off and on today and tomorrow. Maybe.

(Below) The next picture in the queue are lantana, otherwise known as butterfly bushes. My dad kept cutting them out, and they kept coming back. I asked him to let them grow. It’s a joy to see so many butterflies. Hummingbirds and bees like them too.


  1. I like the flowers too, glad you are safe.

    • Thank you. 🙂

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