Posted by: Judy | September 10, 2018


Something I’ve been thinking about. Funnily enough, I don’t remember what started it all. I do know that a bit from my latest book flew to the fore of my mind. From my latest novella, Blessing Basket:

“I expected things to be easier,” [Cici] said.

“Why would you expect that?” Pastor Ken studied her. “The adversary thought everything with the two of you was all tied up and settled. You were living together and ignoring God. Then you not only decided to marry, but you accepted Jesus as your Lord and Savior. Suddenly, the adversary has two new warriors to worry about. You’ve put the old deceiver’s nose out of joint. He’s pretty cranky about it and not afraid to show it.”

The adversary doesn’t need me to commit grievous sins. The adversary is lazy; he uses the same tricks over and over and over. He has no gift for creativity. Breaking the Ten Commandments requires work. Fudging on the Ten Commandments is easier. Ignoring that they exist is easier still.

Too busy and distracted suits the adversary just fine. I think it tickles the adversary’s funny bone if I’m so busy doing good easy things that I’m ignoring the subtle promptings of the Holy Spirit to do good hard things. Busyness easily crowds out the still small voice.

The adversary only needs me to forget who I am and whose I am. He only needs me to forget God.

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