Posted by: Judy | August 7, 2018


John-Eli & Friends shared an amusing and insightful post on his first job:

My first job was cleaning houses. I’d had to clean my mother’s house, and I knew no harsher critic. I cleaned two houses through my first two years of college. Those jobs made it possible for me to net a job in housekeeping at Yellowstone National Park. I was assigned to Lake Hotel, one of the most beautiful places on earth. This was my first adventure all on my own.

I did things I was proud of and things I wasn’t. Lies still ruled my life even as I struggled to honor and embrace the truth. There are many things I’d change, if I could. I can’t. The past is written in stone.

I’ve often wished I could go back, but life moves forward. My path went a different way. I can’t regret the journey.

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