Posted by: Judy | July 25, 2018

Learned Something New

In learning to recognize that nervous and excited physically feel the same, I’ve discovered that in my mind anxiety and hungry feel the same…

Oh. I never made the connection before.

I went hungry so often and didn’t know when I’d have something I could eat, something that didn’t make me sick… well, who knew? Of course anxiety and hunger are intertwined for me.

I don’t need them as conjoined twins. How do I separate them? At this point, I know it’s helpful for me to see the connection, so I’m aware. I’ll be better able to make conscious decisions. And of course, practice.


  1. This makes sense. I also eat when I am bored or trying to stay awake. That is one advantage of becoming more aware is paying attention to what I am feeling and what do I do to ease that feeling.

    • I knew about the bored and staying awake. It never occurred to me I blended in anxiety.

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