Posted by: Judy | July 17, 2018

Attitude Adjustment

This is the end of week one. I wanted to track my progress, for a little while.

Learned something interesting: Saying I’m excited instead of nervous works sometimes but not always. If I fail to address why I’m nervous, the anxiety escalates. Rule #1: Stop lying, especially to myself.

Once I address why my anxiety is rising, “I’m excited” is a good way to reframe. It’s a healthy next step, after wrangling, identifying, and confronting the problem.

It isn’t enough to acknowledge a problem, accept responsibility for what is my part, and not allow it to control me. I needed a way to step forward in a positive mindset, something I’ve never been good at doing.

I was always working to keep from drowning. I learned to tread water. I think this is a step in learning how to swim. I’m excited. 🙂


  1. Love this. The reframing, if you can make yourself feel the switch in lens. Did you see the movie, Parenthood? The same people experiencing the same physical sensations–but some interpret this as fear, others as excitement. You can DO this:).

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