Posted by: Judy | July 10, 2018

Attitude Change

My sister and I talk through a lot of things that end up in our blogs. We glean information from similar sources and from completely different sources. We have different interests but the same goal to heal.

This is her recent blog on worry:

Last week, I saw a video posted on one of my social media feeds. Simon Sinek, author of “Start with Why,” talked about the difference between nervous and excited. He related how reporters, at the Olympics, ask every athlete the same question, “Were you nervous?” The athletes all responded the same way, “No, I was excited.”

Both states of being have the same physical response. The difference is in how it is perceived.

What would happen if I changed my perspective?

I’m going to see. I’m not nervous; I’m excited.


  1. I worked with a sport psychologist last year and he emphasized feeling “excited” not “nervous” before competitiions. I did and it worked!

    • The voice of experience! I’m excited. 🙂

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