Posted by: Judy | July 9, 2018

I knew you before…

(Found this in the Draft Folder from June of last year. Don’t know how that happened but sharing it now because, as it turns out, I needed this reminder right now.)

…you were formed in the womb. This is what God tells Jeremiah in the Bible. If God knew Jeremiah, then He knew me. This is when I have to remind myself that God is omniscient, all knowing.

What brought this on? I was out for my walk nattering at God about my knee giving me trouble. I wanted to go home, but I remembered David Goggins. He had a lousy childhood. He’s a Navy SEAL and runs ultra marathons. He is the definition of Never Quit. He isn’t a natural athlete. I can’t complain about being overweight because at one time he weighed almost 300 pounds.

Here’s an interview with him:

My tendon and ligament problem was reduced to nothing. I wasn’t stupid and tried to walk my usual 1-1/2 miles, but I stopped whining about going a mile. God brought to my mind that He knew about my knee troubles and everything else. He knew before I was born.

It occurred to me that He also knew what to do to make things right. Busted. God has told me over and over, but I’ve been slow to follow His guidance. Before I could beat myself up (this is GINORMOUS progress), I recognized that I am walking more. I’ve increased my physical therapy. I’m more careful about making sure I sleep better. I’m eating better, still not great but better. I’m improving. I’m more aware. I’m making healthy changes. Not as fast as Goggins, but I’m still doing so much better. Go me!

Then I read Mustard Seed Blogs post on waiting:

I’m waiting to become healthier. I’m working while I’m waiting. I’m impatient. I want to be consistent and glossing over the fact that I am more consistent than I used to be. I’m healthier than I used to be.

Of course, my mind goes down the rabbit hole to all the other ways I’m falling short, like my writing. Yeah, that’s a big one for me. I used to write 1,000-2,000 words on a daily basis and 5,000 on a great day. Haven’t done that in a while. I’m impatient.

God has me doing other things. I’m still working and learning a different kind of balance than I’ve ever known. I’ve shuffled priorities. I’m changing, for the better. I hope… I am.


  1. It’s so hard when you’re used to an inner voice that’s critical to flip the channel to the one that’s supportive. But I love that you keep doing it. As do I. And over time, I believe it means a world of difference.

    • It may not make a difference to the world, but it makes a world of difference to the individual. 🙂

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