Posted by: Judy | June 7, 2018

Current Reading

I’ve started a new self-help book that’s been sitting on my shelf for years. I’ve only read the introduction, but I’m not sure how helpful it will be. The first case listed was someone who talked about change but didn’t. I’ve worked hard to change. Sometimes the changes stick. Sometimes they don’t. I’m looking for changes that stick.

Nothing new in the book. Yes, I ended up skimming. It re-enforced a few things I already knew but didn’t add anything new.

My top two concerns (because I couldn’t choose) are writing and eating. I want to be more consistent in my writing. Nothing new. I know. I want to eat healthier. Nothing new there either. I know.

Current plan of action: Practicing thinking positively.

I appreciated yesterday’s post by Dyan Diamond’s on Be Inspired:

My Team starts with me. How silly is it to not like myself? Why would I fight for me? How could I expect anyone else to fight with me? Blessedly, there are those who see my value despite my own poor perspective.

Today’s post ties into yesterday’s:

I’m so grateful when the Lord sends what I need.

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