Posted by: Judy | May 29, 2018

The brutal voice…

…in my head revealed a startling realization.

You know the voice. The one that says “You are so stupid.” For a while now, the only one saying that to me is me.

I work hard to change old habits, but I’ve really struggled with my self talk. I’ve even beaten myself up over the slowness of my change. Why can’t I shake this habit? I know it isn’t helpful. I know it actually makes the changes I want more difficult to establish.

Tuesday morning, my dad complained about breaking a small switch and bungling fixing it by using too much glue. What stood out in neon flashing lights? “Old stupid, here, used too much glue.”

People! How you talk to yourself influences how others talk to themselves. Who knew?

I confronted him. He thought it was funny that his negative self-talk influences mine. He talked even harsher to himself. What do I do with that?

I will continue to fight to speak more positively to myself, no matter what the negative nellies in my life do.

As I prepared this post, I found this posted on social media:

Sometimes you have to tell the negative committee that meets inside your head to just sit down and shut up. ~ TobyMac #SpeakLife

I love this picture.

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