Posted by: Judy | May 14, 2018

Made it through…

…another Mother’s Day.

My sister’s take on the event:

And this is mine: A joyous holiday for some. A painful holiday for others, for different reasons. Some because of the loss of a parent or a child due to death. For others, it is unhappy memories of fear, cruelty, abandonment.

I chose to take a different perspective this year. I made plans to stay home and relax. I was on social media only long enough to make author posts, less than a half hour. I read books and watched shows I like. I put my feet up. I didn’t plan a special meal but ate what was quick and easy.

I reflected on women, throughout my life, who treated me as a beloved daughter, if only for a little while. Recently, God has blessed me with a woman who has taught me so much about acceptable, healthy boundaries, blessing others, gratitude, and love. A little while ago, I helped her run some errands. In one business, she referred to me as her daughter, and the employee looked at me for confirmation. I wanted to be honest and also acknowledge the honor. I replied, “She’s my Better Mother.”

My Mother’s Day wish of happiness was for all those women who step up and love and care for children not of their own by blood.

I love that today’s photo was one I took on Christmas Eve.

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