Posted by: Judy | February 26, 2018

Possible Game Changer

I’m reading Scott Hamilton’s newest book Finish First. I would not recommend it to everyone. Some people aren’t in the right place in their head for it. I feel like I’ve been preparing for it for a long time.

It’s copyright only allows for minimal quotes for critical reviews and articles. I may qualify, but I don’t want to mess with it.

It’s less than 180 pages, but it’s taken me a week to read. Starting on page 2, I kept close to hand a red pencil, a ruler, and a mechanical pencil. I’ve starred, underlined, and written notes in the margins.

Talking about making weaknesses strengths, I had to decide what my greatest weakness was. The one that popped into my head was “distractibility.” I beat myself up for how easily I’m distracted. I’ve struggled with the last novella for a year because I’m so easily distracted. How could it possibly be a strength?

I read about it on Thursday evening and decided to try an experiment on Friday. Every time I was distracted I went with it. It had taken me the previous four days, Monday through Thursday, to edit one chapter. On Friday, I allowed distraction to rule the day, and I edited two chapters.

The method to the madness: After every single distraction, I returned to editing. I’d edit a sentence or two or a paragraph or two, depending on how much editing was needed. Then I’d do something else, physical therapy, read a few pages in Finish First, social media, blogs, and several other things. In between each new activity, I’d spend time editing. Amazing.

Saturday, I crashed, mentally and physically. Not much editing was accomplished. However, I did more reps of my physical therapy than ever before. I vacuumed, cleaned my bath, made shepherds pie, gingerbread cookies, cleaned and sorted a bit. I can’t remember the last time I was so productive.

Sunday was spent kind of quiet, enjoying the peace of the Sabbath, reading more of Finish First, planning the coming week. This week is starting off running with a number of things already planned. I’m curious to see how this new perspective pans out.

I love this picture.

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