Posted by: Judy | January 2, 2018

The Word for 2018

2013, the word was Create.

Wow. Did I ever create.

This past year, I continued to create.

2014, the word was Happy.

I want to say I’m happy. I don’t want to lie. I have had happy moments. I know happy is an inside job. I’m going to continue to endeavor to embrace happy. I think maybe I attempted a step out of order or attempted to skip a few steps.

Update: I am happy because I choose to be happy. I’m also sad, angry, hurt, silly, peaceful, intense, joyous, excited, and a myriad of other emotions.

2015, the word is Hope.

Candidkay shared her word: Radiant.

Great word. I struggled with what my word would be this year. I debated with Trust, Possible, Inspire, and Prayer, but none felt quite write… they didn’t feel particularly doable… They were’t like CreateHappy was a tough one. I am happier. Hope was another tough one. Not that I haven’t been hopeful, but I didn’t feel like it permeated the year like Create did.

I debated and considered and reconsidered. What do I really want to do better? Gradually, I thought about what I’ve been complaining about lately. I’m easily distracted. I’m behind on my writing, even as I know the stories are there, waiting.

2016, the word is Consistent.

My plan to be consistent didn’t turn out the way I intended. I only managed to write two Holiday, USA novellas. I need two more to complete the anthology. I did turn in “Knight in Disguise” on time, barely, but on time nonetheless. I didn’t consistently lose weight the way I’d hoped. However, I consider myself a success because I did consistently improve.

For this year, I read Melissa’s post over at Genesis 5020 and debated between two words: Grateful and Blessed.

I was reminded that sometimes we need to ask for what God is willing to give, not because He is stingy but because unless we are seeking we often miss what He freely gives and it falls to the wayside. Growing up in an abusive home, opening my hand was too often met with punishment or things I neither wanted or needed.

2017, the word is Blessed.

I gained a greater appreciation for how blessed I am. In many areas of my life, I haven’t always felt blessed. I always wanted to marry and have children, but God blessed me with neither, saving me from dumping some horrific baggage that would haunt me. As I think about moving, someday, I’m sorting through more books and clothes than I thought I had; I’m gathering what I don’t love to giveaway, so someone else’s life will be blessed with those things. I’m learning use food, exercise, and sleep in healthy ways so I’m blessed.

And so we come to 2018. I’ve mulled and debated. I didn’t expect what I chose, from Mark Divine’s book Unbeatable Mind. He talked about a lot of things I’m finding useful. He also talked about the power of smiling. He also doesn’t agree with fake-it-til-you-make-it. He referenced a study that showed a smile gives the same boost as a chocolate bar but without the calories. I’m going to test his theory. 🙂

2018, the word is Smile.


  1. Ah, a simple word:). But one that changes so much! Bravo.

    • 🙂

  2. Smile for a while and let’s be Jolly.

    • 🙂

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