Posted by: Judy | October 24, 2017

There and Back Again Final Thoughts

I worried about my back. Considering the fact that we drove 27oo miles roundtrip in 5 days, over a 10-day period, which does not include my flying time, another 2-1/2 hours, each way. I had no trouble. No back discomfort at all and never took a single pain reliever. My friends watched out for me, making sure we stopped often. I’d walk around the parking lot and/or do my physical therapy on breaks. The 2002 Suburban was helpful. I had support from the headrest all the way down. I was able to press my back against the seat and have complete support. I was able to straighten my knees and roll my ankles. I have no fear of doing this again.

My eating was the best I’ve ever done. I didn’t overeat. I didn’t deprive myself either. I endeavored to make healthy choices when possible. I didn’t nix treats, but I didn’t binge, not even once. I learned to throw out half-eaten snacks. I did not have to finish anything, unless I wanted to finish it. No eating until I was uncomfortable.

Of my essential oils, I took Tea Tree, Vanilla, Sweet Orange, Jasmine Absolute, Lavender, Peppermint, Frankincense and Myrrh (yes, the last two were combined). I used the Tea Tree every day on skin tags. It helps a little. The vanilla was nice but quickly faded, as was the sweet orange. Lavender is my bedtime scent. I forgot to use the Peppermint, but it makes anything unpleasant smell better. I should have used it at the station where they were re-tarring the parking area. Ick. Frankincense and Myrrh was used for swelling by my friend who fell. I used Burt’s Bees Lemon Butter Cuticle Cream for the ongoing rash on my wrist. The surprise was the Jasmine. It energized me. I try to remember to use it every day at home.

I took time to put my feet up and lay down to give my back a rest when I needed it. I didn’t push until I was exhausted, ever. I stood through some of the classes because the chairs weren’t comfortable. The classes were never longer than an hour, so it wasn’t bad. I took things slow. I had to be careful about walking. The ground, including the sidewalks, was uneven, and I had a couple of close calls. Because I was careful, nothing serious happened. Thank you, God.

I let go of all my worries about home. I couldn’t do anything more than half way across the country. I lived in the moment, savoring all the little things, taking everything in, as much as I could. I texted home every day so they’d know I was alive. My sister and my friend texted back encouragement. One of my favorite was when I texted my sister that we had hit a little bit of rush hour in Atlanta. She texted back: Adventure in slow motion.

Relaxed is an understatement. I was happy to help whenever possible. There are a lot of things I couldn’t do but that didn’t keep me from doing what I could. There were a lot of things I wanted to do and didn’t because there’s only so much time in a day. I enjoyed my friends and the events.

One of my worries was about my ability to maintain the healthy boundaries I’d worked so hard to create. I feared the “Abuse Me” tattoo clung to my forehead despite all my hard work. During those 10 days, no one invaded my personal space without my permission. Anyone let in was someone I trusted enough to invite in. On occasion, I wondered if I had a new tattoo on my forehead: Come too close and biting will be the least of your worries. Since I’m not able to see myself as others see me, and I don’t try, I can only guess at the possibilities. “Guess what I’m thinking” is not a game I choose to play often anymore. I’ve had my fill. I also think that part of it is that my chosen circle of friends have pretty healthy boundaries of their own. I endeavored to respect their boundaries and hope I was successful. I’m still learning.

At home, I usually choose to be alone. On my adventure, I usually chose to be with my friends. I’ve never laughed so much in my life. My friends and I share the same gallows humor. We did what we wanted to do, often not together, and endeavored to support each other. It was fun!

It was a fantastic adventure! Let’s do it again.

In the kitchen’s garden.


  1. This is so good to hear. Laughter is such a wonderful thing. So glad you had such a good time.

    • It is, and I did. Thank you. 🙂

  2. I am so happy for you. Awesome picture, too. Hugs.

    • Thanks. 🙂

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