Posted by: Judy | October 17, 2017

There and Back Again Day 7

The last full day of 4LEP. I had no trouble waking every morning. I discovered that Benadryl is helpful with motion sickness. It also helped me sleep better.

Saturday morning’s Dr. Drout session was titled “Bindo Bolger-Baggins? Marmaduke Brandybuck? Revise! Revise! Revise!” This appealed to my writing side. It inspired me to tackle the editing of my current WIP (Work In Progress). It was fun to hear Tolkien’s process, learning how elements changed as the story progressed. My writer’s heart reveled in the sense of connectedness.

Classes I missed: Penny Whistle lessons; dance lessons; camping tips; siege engine class; classes offered by Dr. Amy Sturgis comparing LOTR with Harry Potter and Star Wars; craft classes; writing group; choir; weapons classes; costuming classes, and more.

The afternoon and evening was spent at the Party Field, where an archery competition took place before dinner.

The Party Field on Wednesday morning.

The Party Field the night of the Hungry Hobbits. Dinner consisted of a delicious meatloaf, green beans, salsify (salsifee) casserole, mashed potatoes, and pumpkin bread. Delicious! My thanks and congratulations to the caterer for producing tasty meals while avoiding the major allergies.

Entertainment included dancing, skits, choir performances, a reading in Old English of a bit of Beowolf by Dr. Drout, Bilbo Baggins’ famous speech (done brilliantly), and long goodbyes.

Many returned to the Dancing Pony in the basement of the West Family Dwelling, which is where our little group called home. I’m not a fan of closed in places crowded with a lot of people. I chose to go to bed, as usual. I felt rested by the end. It was wonderful. I was afraid it would be noisy, but the soundproofing was amazing.

The whole thing came together because so many are dedicated to doing what needs to be done. Bilbo Baggins swore the first ALEP would be a one-off. We’re all looking forward to ALEP 5, in 3 years. The success was due to his hard work, along with his partner in crime, Pippin. By the way, a fun side note is that Pippin met his future wife at the first ALEP.

The Adventure isn’t over.


  1. What a great adventure!

    • 🙂

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