Posted by: Judy | October 9, 2017

There and Back Again Day 2

The first room had little roaches running around on the desk. We were given another room. We woke around 5:30 AM. I was last. We readied for the day, packed the Suburban, and ate breakfast at 6 AM.

On the road again, we finished crossing Louisiana, long bridges over huge areas of water. We crossed Mississippi into Alabama and headed north. We cut across to Atlanta and took the loop around, hitting some road construction. It slowed us, but it could have been worse.

We continued on to Dawsonville, Georgia, and met our fourth adventurer. The four hobbits went to dinner, and I ordered a hamburger on ciabatta and French fries. It was yummy. I think it was Ruby Tuesday. Again, I wrote notes and have no idea where they ended up.

The company laughed and planned. Another hotel. No roaches, blessedly.

I didn’t see much of the countryside because walls of trees lined I-10.

Sugarcane fields.


  1. Roaches – I’m not even sure I could stay in the hotel after seeing them. Yuck. But it sounds like the second room was fine and you had a pleasant day of travel. What are you doing with your notes?

    • I wasn’t sure I wanted to stay either, but we were tired. I have no idea where the notes went. Everything’s unpacked and put away, and I haven’t found the notes.

      • Iā€™m queen of losing things.

        • šŸ˜€

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