Posted by: Judy | September 7, 2017

Hurricane Preparation

A couple of my blogging friends shared posts. With the approach of Irma, I decided today was a good day to share. You may or may not be affected; however, the ideas are pretty good for preparing for any emergency situation where you have a bit of warning:

I live on the other side of the country. I have friends who have been affected by Harvey and the fires in the northwest. We have amazing dust storms and thunderstorms, with the occasional microbursts, every year, as well as the occasional tornado.

Being prepared for the storms helps me feel less anxious. I turn off my computer and disconnect it from the cable modem. I have candles, because I love candles, a flashlight, and electric candles. I keep ice in the fridge and freezer.

I have water and food stored, just in case. Having lost my job on various occasions, it was always a relief to know I didn’t have to worry about food.

When I had a dog I ensured I was prepared with extra food and medication for her before I took care of me. I also made sure I had extra medication, shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste, ear swabs, toilet paper, tissue paper, anything I use on a regular basis.

Every contingent cannot be anticipated or prepared for, no matter how I awfulize and catastrophize to make sure I’m ready for anything. Life happens. I do what I’m able. It helps to know there are little things I don’t need to think about in an emergency or when life takes a sudden turn.

The thing about social media is now I have friends all over the world that I keep in touch with every day. Several friends were affected by Hurricane Harvey. I have a blog friend who had to leave Key Largo early, because of Hurricane Irma. I have other friends prepping for the possible arrival. Other friends are affected by the fires in the northwest. Praying for all of them. May the firefighters contain the fires and Irma turn out to sea. One of the cities in Florida is having a prayer on Thursday, tonight, at 7 PM, their time. I’ll be joining them. God isn’t constrained by distance. God parted the Red Sea; He can turn Irma, unless Irma is part of a bigger plan. May God’s will be done. Giving the battle to God and praising Him in the storm.


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