Posted by: Judy | August 17, 2017

Celebrate the little things…

I follow Brendon on YouTube. He recently posted Celebrate the Small Wins.

I’m really bad at celebrating my wins. Yes, I give myself little gold stars on the scheduled tasks I accomplish during the week. But it isn’t really a celebration. The gold stars lets me know it’s done, and I can stop thinking about needing to do it.

My Good News Friday is an effort to improve, but I fail to enjoy the moment. I might mention the success, as an aside. Why do I do that? What do I downplay the good things that happen?

I type the question and the answer immediately pops into my head. NM always found a way to belittle, degrade, dismiss my joyful moments, like being happier than her was a bug that needed to be squashed. So, I learned to keep the celebrations to myself.

It’s a habit I need to break. How? I don’t know. My first thought is that it should be easy. Just Celebrate! There’s one little problem. I’ve become so accustomed to hiding my moments of happiness in order to protect them from being torn apart that they slip by without me really noticing.

I think learning to celebrate the little wins in life is a sign of being a Thrivor, not simply a survivor.


  1. […] I loved watching this video.  Thanks Judy. […]

  2. I loved watching this video. Thanks for posting it. Hugs.

    • You’re welcome. I follow him on YouTube. 🙂

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