Posted by: Judy | July 31, 2017

Me and Navy SEALs

I’ve frequently mentioned how I follow the Navy SEALs on social media, including blogs. I’ve learned a lot. I often say that I’m not in their league, and I’m not. They’re Jupiter and I’m Pluto.

Their stories inspire me and encourage me. If they can do what they need to do, surely I can do what I need to do. I’m not dodging bullets. For the most part, my missions are not life or death.

I listen to Team Never Quit radio, hosted by David Rutherford and Marcus Luttrell. They’ve had guests like Andy Stumpf, whose blog I follow, Tim Ballard of O.U.R. (Operation Underground Railroad that rescues sex traffic victims), Stacey Kozel, Amberley Snyder, Bennie Wylie, and David Goggins.

I mentioned David Goggins recently. He runs ultra marathons.

I’m reminded of an episode of the television show Remington Steele. Laura Holt, the heroine, is secretly training for a triathlon. Remington, the hero, finds out. Laura is defensive and shouts, “You wouldn’t question a man if he wanted to run a marathon.” To which Remington calmly replied, “I’d question anyone who would run 26 miles without being chased.” Me, too.

Back to Goggins, I know he’s competed with broken bones. I know a number of the SEALs have gone through Hell Week with broken bones. I’ve often declared I could never do that. I would never do anything like that.

Hah! My sister and I were chatting, and I dug up an old memory. Okay, God dug it up because I haven’t thought about it in a long time. The summer I graduated from high school, the end of the July, I tore the ligaments in my ankle. I liked to dance alone, when no one was watching. I did a turn, and *SNAP*! My ankle swelled until it was larger than a softball. My parents did not take me to see a doctor. I took myself a few weeks later. The doctor informed me it was too late to do anything, as my ankle should have been put in a cast right away. He also informed me I’d have trouble for the rest of my life, not only with my ankle but it would migrate to my back. Gee. Thanks for the preview. Bah.

The end of August, a month later, the ankle was still swollen, still sore, still difficult to walk on. AND here is where my itty-bitty SEAL attitude kicked in. I’d signed up for a P.E. class for my Freshman year in college, first semester. Ice skating, with a teacher who’d been in the Ice Follies. Yeah, he was good, really good. He’d retired because he’d messed up his knees so badly. “Whatever you do, never fall on your knees!”

I told him what I’d done, and he replied, “Lace up your boots good and tight.”

Yeah, I stuck out the semester. I wasn’t sure I’d be able to make it. The teacher had two requirements to earn an ‘A’ : Show up and try. That’s it. I could do that even with my ankle. I learned to skate forward and backward and turn, kind of. I showed up every week and I tried, ankle and all.

As I walked the other morning, my knee was complaining. I could turn around and go home short of my goal distance, but I thought of Goggins. I mentally shifted, made sure my posture was correct, shortened my steps, and kept going.

It occurred to me I do this on a regular basis. If it isn’t my knee, then my ankle or my back. My arm is still sore from my fall a year or two ago, and I keep using it. I’ve done this all my life. I feel lousy, and I keep going. Sometimes, I stop and rest but never for long.

It isn’t important I match what SEALs do. It’s important I work harder and try harder and be okay with failing and picking myself up and going again, like SEALs do. I can do this.


  1. That is what truly living is all about. Even when you’re bruised and battered, you keep getting back up and moving forward.

    • Yes, it is. Glad I finally learned to embrace it instead of constantly fretting.

      • I am, too. I “hear” the freedom in your writing.

        • 🙂

  2. You are an amazing inspiration. Hugs.

    • Thanks. ((Ruth))

  3. Great inspirational post! Thanks for sharing the link to the podcasts too. I find walkingexercising becomes so much easier when I am listening to an hour podcast.. Glad you pushed through the pain of your knee. You are an Olympian! Isn’t there an expression… Keep on, rock’n on!

    • You’re welcome. And yes, that’s the expression. Learning. 🙂

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