Posted by: Judy | July 20, 2017

Meme Debunking

This was posted on a Pinterest board labeled “Narcissism”:

“I had wings once. They were strong. But they were stolen from me.” ~Maleficent Movie

And this right here explains why I refused to see the movie. It’s victim oriented, determined to remain a victim. No. Just no. I refuse.

My wings were broken, shattered, shredded, mutilated, but they were never stolen. They can’t be stolen anymore than my digestive or kidney troubles can be stolen or the hazel in my eyes stolen or the mousy brown and gray in my hair can be stolen. I can be blinded and my hair lost, but it doesn’t change the color encoded in my DNA. My internal problems can be healed or they can become worse, but they can’t be stolen. They are a part of me. My DNA is mine and mine alone, now and forever. My soul belongs to God. No one can steal it.

Conquering abuse is about never allowing it to win. As long as I never give up, I win. As I learn healthy ways of living, my wings heal. Whether or not my wings look pristine or scarred doesn’t matter. The only ones who will criticize are those who don’t understand. Caring about what they think is a waste of time and energy.

Over on social media, I saw this posted on the PTSD Break the Silence page, the other day:

Every day is a battle

But whatever

I’m scrappy.


  1. I won’t watch that movie either. To me the theme is past abusers still control me. I refuse to let my past control me. To me, blaming my past does not excuse present behavior.

    • Exactly!

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