Posted by: Judy | July 11, 2017


I’ve done the debunking of fear and faith not being able to reside side by side. First it depends on what type of fear. If it’s the warning type of fear, it’s a blessing that prepares your body for fight or flight, exactly as it was meant to do. On the other hand, if it’s the type of fear that’s really more useless anxiety, then it still isn’t completely useless. It’s an opportunity to practice and strengthen faith.

Another aspect of the value of fear: Without fear, there would be no need for courage. “Feel the fear and do it anyway.” “Courage doesn’t mean you don’t feel fear; it only means you don’t let it hold you back.”

I realize that the quote is taken from Bible verses. I also remind myself that what we think a word means based on modern definitions is not the same as what it meant when it was translated hundreds of years ago (King James version).

Fearing the Lord isn’t about being afraid of God. It’s about awe and wonder, showing respect and reverence. In the verse that says “Perfect love casteth out fear,” it’s important to remember that the only thing perfect is Jesus. God is Love, so it’s Jesus that casts out fear, not you or me. Is that the correct interpretation of the verse? I don’t know, but it gives me something to think about.

That isn’t the only case in point. Rabbi Daniel Lapin says that “unclean” should be crossed out in every Bible because the Hebrew word translation isn’t quite the same as unclean.

I was fascinated by Coach Divines choices for replacements. Some I expected, but one surprised me. He chose replacing fear with courage, anger with commitment, jealousy with appreciation, shame with pride, and despair with surrender. I’d always paired despair with hope. I think surrender is better suited. Despair is hopeless, while surrender is the ultimate hope. Giving the battle to God.

Thinking about these absolutes that are thrown out in memes, I wondered if there really were any absolutes. I came up with one:

Truth and lies cannot coincide. More and more lies must be told to bury the truth, but the truth never stays buried. Sooner or later, the truth rises.

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