Posted by: Judy | June 21, 2017

Context Matters

This popped into my head as I drove home from running some errands. I saw a guy walking down the street with a bat. Being the storyteller I am, my imagination ran wild. What was he doing with a bat? Was he dangerous?

I reined in my split second of dismay to observe. He was tall and athletic. He could do some real damage with the bat.

He was also wearing a baseball uniform.

Context matters.

So when someone blows off the details, sometimes it’s those very details that change everything. As a writer, it’s the details I include that give the story depth and a sense of realness. Details tell the rest of the story.



  1. This is a discussion frequently occurring in photography class. I reminded them that if photographers are discussing dodging, burning, and shooting people there is no cause for alarm. If gang members were using the same terms they would want them arrested.

    • πŸ˜€

  2. I cannot begin to conceive what a baseball player might be doing with a bat–that was my original thought:). Even AFTER you said baseball player, I had the bird stuck in my head!

    • Sometimes it’s important to “see” in order to gain the context, which only proves how easy it is to be misunderstand even simple communication and still we manage to muddle along. πŸ˜€

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