Posted by: Judy | June 13, 2017

Weight Follow Up…

Yes, talking about the weight thing, again. I’ve been reading Unbeatable Mind by Mark Divine, Coach Divine of SEALFIT. He’s among those coaches I mentioned, yesterday. I can’t afford his program… okay, I’m really not his target audience, at all, not even a little bit. Cross Fit is nowhere on my list of things to pursue, ever. I’d kill myself doing it or cause some kind of permanent injury, beyond what I’ve already done. However, I’ve found a great deal of useful information that I’m able to adapt to me.

As I read his book, I was pleased to note that I do a lot of what he suggests. I need to do it better. Like working on prayer (he uses meditation) as a first line of defense instead of a last resort, I need to make “Give the battle to God and praise God in the storm” a first thought to stop negative thinking, instead of after I’ve spiraled. Another one that will simply require practice.

While I read, it occurred to me that I don’t only eat to stay awake or do emotional eating, to stuff emotions. I also eat to calm my mind. Really. It’s a way to focus. Who knew?

This doesn’t so much change everything as add a dimension I never considered. In the few days since I made the realization, I’ve been more mindful of my eating. Why am I eating? Am I eating to stay awake? Go to sleep. Am I eating to help me concentrate? Take a break. Do something else for a bit. Am I eating because I’m stressed? Move around, even if all I do is walk around the house. Read to escape. Visit social media for a complete change in perspective. If necessary, go to bed early.

If I want change to occur in my life, I must change. I can do this.


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