Posted by: Judy | June 8, 2017

Do I really want the tightrope?

On social media, Impact Actually posts an activity for each day. Today it was spending a half hour emptying your heart of the garbage poisoning your life.

I sat down with pen and paper and wrote about a page. Sounds like a lot. I know. However, I can still remember the times I would write page upon page, spiraling from what bothered me to what an awful person I was and the next thing you know the negative tape was in blaring rock concert mode.

It was good to write the things bothering me, giving them parameters. They weren’t nearly as bad as I thought, considering the way they were nattering in my brain.

The introspection did lead to self-examination but the negative tape never surfaced. Instead, I recognized that I’m stubborn. My stubbornness often reveals itself as a stumbling block.

What do I need to do to turn the stumbling block of stubbornness into a stepping stone?

My first thought is that God can do it.

I remind myself that it works better if I’m cooperative.

How much is on God and how much is on me?

I’m more cooperative if I’m able to see the path I’m expected to take. Then it hit me. Do I really want the tightrope? Or do I say I want it while I look for the featherbed?

While I’m looking for a clear path that leads to a comfortable stroll, God is asking me to take the steep, rocky climb, barely visible through the trees and bushes. I’m seeking the featherbed while God is offering the tightrope I said I wanted.

I’m worth taking care of, with the utmost care. I’m worth fighting for, against all odds. I’m worth choosing the tightrope. Now, to put it into practice, which is what it takes: Practice.

*A little bit more: Perfecting timing by Motivating Daily, their quote for the day: If there is no struggle, there is no progress. ~ Frederick Douglas


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