Posted by: Judy | May 31, 2017


Battling the illness of the past week, I came to several realizations.

I thought I was being careful about keeping hydrated. I was wrong. I’d forgotten to take into account the need to increase my water intake because I was taking allergy medicine. Lesson learned.

The dehydration was complicated by my touchy digestive tract. I endeavored to treat my digestive tract like it was normal. Tactical error. Always. I know better, but I forget. I’ve done so well for so long I really thought I could treat my insides like I’m a normal person. Lesson learned.

I discussed with my sister about how incredibly disciplined we both are. However, we are lousy at self-discipline when it comes to self-care. We’re great at pushing to extreme. We are not good at treating ourselves with kindness. Lesson learned.

Lilly, over at Healing from Complex Trauma and PTSD, posted an article that dovetailed with what I’m learning:

My sister wrote about it, earlier this week. No we don’t coordinate posts, but we do share what we discuss in the hopes of helping others gain insights, too:

On Tuesday, when the worst of the symptoms hit, I was on a liquid diet. Wednesday, I added a few safe food items. Thursday, I attempted to add more and landed back on Tuesday’s diet, jell-O, bananas, etc. Friday, I tried again and did okay the first part of the day and not so good the second part of the day. Saturday, I was tired of broth, jell-O, bananas, applesauce, and added matzoh with tomato soup, which was delicious. Sunday, I decided to try my childhood trick: Junk Food. Yes, I was a junk food junky. Actually, it was something I could buy at the store with my allowance and no one knew what I was eating. It was better than dog food. Yes, I was so hungry as a child I ate dog food.

Voila! Eating is back to “normal.”

I cannot consistently eat a “healthy” diet. My insides don’t have the stamina.

I also remembered that pumpkin is good for digestion, so I made pumpkin pie, with no crust and reduced sugar. Didn’t make much difference.

Stomach isn’t completely back to normal. Some meals are better than others. However, it’s close enough to call it good. Taking life one meal at a time.

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