Posted by: Judy | May 3, 2017

The Book of Job

Pronounced jobe, a book in the Bible, specifically the Old Testament, right before Psalms. I joined a telephone conference Bible study group, and we’re studying Job. No matter how difficult my life becomes, I remind myself that I’m not yet as Job.

Short version: Job was wealthy, had a number of children, and was doing well overall. He was blessed in every respect. The Lord allows Satan to test Job. The adversary takes everything away, including the children. He is cursed with boils all over his body, among other problems. The trials go on for months. Only Job’s wife and friends remain. Job’s wife tells him to curse God and die. Job’s friends tell him that he must have done something wrong to have all these bad things happen to him. Job refuses to curse God but praises God instead. At long last, God restores everything Job lost and more.

Some things I’ve learned during our study:

My original reminder is more true than I realized. I’m not yet as Job.

Job is a testament for hanging on no matter what.

God teaches how to deal with negative people. Job ignores his wife’s bad advice. He listens to his friends berating him, searches his heart to be sure he’s right with God, tells his friends that they aren’t helping, and then walks away. Job realizes that his own miserable company is better than the bitter company of those who claim to be friends.

God also teaches that everyone who says we shouldn’t complain is wrong. Job complains to God about all his troubles, wondering what he’s done wrong, but he never stops praising God. To all those who demand that “every word must be positive”: Stubble it. I’m living Biblically. So there. Keep the snark and laughter alive.

God didn’t leave us alone and expect us to make it through our troubles all on our own. He provided examples to follow, if nothing else to reassure us we aren’t alone. We’re even in good company.

If Job can make it through, so can I.



  1. I loved this post. I find it amusing when people talk about “the patience of Job”. Ha! Nothing patient about Job! He was angry with God, but he stilled wanted God. Gives me hope when I get angry with God! Blessings!

    • I’ve shocked more than one person when I’ve told them I yell at God. I figure He prefers me yelling at Him to turning my back on Him. At least if I’m yelling, I’m stilling talking to Him. He waits me out, and once I wind down, I feel like I can hear “Are you finished? Are you ready to listen now?” The patience of God. 🙂 Why do people believe God isn’t strong enough to handle a little mortal fury? Over and over, He tells us to bring everything to Him. So, I bring it. 🙂 May you be blessed, Pastor Randy.

      • He has far more patience, and infinitely more understanding that we can imagine!

        • Indeed.

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