Posted by: Judy | April 17, 2017

Another nightmare…

…about my dog. She was still malnourished and someone kept putting her outside. I’d have to go find her and bring her back in. I was worn out when I woke. Once awake, I slowed my thinking and remembered what my Bestie said about the dog representing me in my dreams.

The dog wasn’t as malnourished as she was in the nightmare a little while ago. Improvement. She was still too skinny and roughed up a bit, but she did look better.

I didn’t forget about her when she disappeared from the dream but quickly noticed she was missing and went looking for her. I didn’t stop looking for her until I found her and brought her back inside and tried to make her comfortable.

I’m making a concerted effort to change. I’m eating better and endeavoring to take better care of myself. I still mess up, a lot. I start over every day. If my nightmare/dream is anything to go by, I’m succeeding in my effort to improve. Go me!


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