Posted by: Judy | April 13, 2017

Taming My Food Dragon

This is the third of the three dragons I’m tackling, for now. In my battle to take care of me, I’m learning to like myself. Truth be told, I like who I am now. I want to make changes to improve my health so I’m better able to do what I need to do, what God needs me to do.

The first two, I feel like I have a pretty good grasp on improving. This last one… not even close.

Food: The Problem Child

This isn’t the first time I’ve talked about this and won’t be the last. As mentioned before, I can’t go cold turkey. All I can do is make changes and make changes and make changes, until I find what works for me.

I’ve run a lot of experiments that haven’t worked. Some were colossal fails others simply failed flat.

Starting with what has been successful, a much shorter list:

*Restore milk to my diet, three glasses every day, whole cow’s milk blended with a bit of coconut milk. My nails are healthier. It’s filling.

*Bread, every day. If I try to skip bread, I feel deprived and before you know it I’ve gobbled a variety of other junk food attempting to fill the empty place. White bread because I’m allergic to bran. I am branching a bit, Rhodes frozen rolls and Thomas English muffins can be used in place of white bread. I love my homemade white bread, but I have a more difficult time not overeating.

*Never empty the house of sweets. I go a little crazy and eat everything in sight. However, I’ve learned to make healthier choices.

*Keep peanut butter and jelly on hand. I don’t eat it every day, but on especially difficult days it’s the only food I’m able to eat without feeling sick.

*Dove dark chocolate is easier to eat a little and be satisfied.

*Plan ahead for an afternoon snack instead of pretending I can wait until dinner. I can’t. If I try, I end up bingeing.

*Drink at least 6 cups of water a day.

*Having the right tools for cooking make it more appealing.

*Learning to use herbs and spices makes cooking more fun and easy to change things up a little.

Things I’ve recently tried and are working, so far:

*The potato chips weren’t working. They didn’t always satisfy. What I really want is popcorn. In the Amazon Pantry, they carry variety packs from Smartfood for a reasonable price. The variety packs are in single serving sizes. I like one after dinner, along with a single serving rice crispy treat. A glass of milk and I’m done with snacking in the evening. Why it works? I don’t know.

*My afternoon snack used to be dried fruit, nuts, and a few Brookside dark chocolate covered fruit. Sometimes I could keep to one serving, but too often I’d eat several. Now, I’m using dried cereal as my afternoon snack and one or two pieces of Dove. I use a little custard cup as my serving size. I tried fruit loop like cereal; it didn’t work. I’m using a Chex like cereal, the past week, and it is working, along with a glass of milk.

*Instead of cereal for breakfast, I blend, chocolate Carnation Instant Breakfast, milk, coconut milk, a frozen banana, and one other fruit (right now it’s strawberries, since they were on sale).

*Buying ice cream by the gallon, half gallon, or pint was off the list, completely. I had no control. An open container was an empty container. However, I also felt deprived. I like ice cream. Instead of punishing myself for not exercising self-control, I decided to figure out what would work for me. I’m happy with one ice cream sandwich. It works better after lunch than after dinner. I don’t know why.

*When I make cake I share and freeze it in single serving sizes. It freezes and thaws nicely.

*I like jewel yams best. One potato cooked 4 minutes in the microwave and serve with a bit of butter and brown sugar is delicious.

*Cinnamon has become a favorite. I use it like other people use pepper. I have to be careful to not use too much, but a little adds a sweet/savory flavor I’m quickly finding I like in almost everything, from beef to cocoa.

Perhaps the most important changes are that I’m endeavoring to not beat myself up for slipping up in my eating and I’m allowing myself to experiment more, trusting my cooking skills.

I’m hopeful my new efforts will finally tame my food dragon.


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