Posted by: Judy | March 30, 2017

Embracing change…

…requires courage. Change is inevitable, unavoidable. Many fight it. Learning to embrace it demands a different mindset. The funny part is that we often seek change and then fight it. Hence the repeated failure of diets.

I’ve discovered potatoes are easy to cook in the microwave. Ours even has a button specifically for potatoes. Press it and the number of potatoes and start. Voila! Perfectly cooked potato. Works on my yams and sweet potato, too.

I’m purging some of my books. I’ve kept books I liked okay or because they were autographed, three bags full. However, they’re taking up space for books I truly love and want to read again. I also unearthed books that have been in my To-Be-Read pile since the early 90s. Time to read them or let them go.

My sister warned me about how blankets can be too heavy if you have a problem with your legs. Last night, I traded out my marshmallow blanket for a light lap cover. No knee twinges, today.

Moved my Lord of the Rings videos to the same shelf as my other videos, instead of on the shelf above my computer, making more room for books I love. LOTR books are still on the shelf.

Giving Thanks is also closer to being finished, a scene to finish and a final scene to add. A third may sneak in. It happens. Often.

Eating a tangelo off the tree before dinner, every night. Gives me a bit of outside time, as I toss the peels into the yard. The humidity is low, so the peels simply dry out. Rumor has it cats don’t care for the smell. With so many feral cats in the neighborhood, I prefer citrus to litter box. LOL!

I confess I’m surprised by how difficult it is for me to remember to praise God in the storm. I am learning.



  1. Your post had me remembering a time in my recovery process with my therapist. A day that it finally became clear to me that the only way to move forward was to embrace change, and that the changes would have to be both external (living situation, vehicle I was driving, bills I was paying) as well as internal (learning to honor myself when working through PTSD flashbacks, or learning how to embrace the notion of forgiveness, and then doing the work to move through that process). It was a day that was both frightening, and freeing. I remember getting overwhelmed at first with the idea that change was coming, whether I was ready for it, or not. But that ultimately, it would end up making all the difference.

    I still have to remind myself from time to time that change is inevitably going to happen. Instead of letting that thought keep me in a state of uncertainty and fear, now I do better at looking forward to the eventual outcome, even if it feels a little bit uncomfortable for a while. Can’t even begin to count the number of times I’ve said to myself … “If you had told me ten years ago that I would be where I am today, I would never have believed it”. Believe it.

    Change happens. 🙂

    • Yes, it does. Maybe part of the reluctance is having learned that change so often doesn’t turn out the way I expected or hoped. I’m finally learning to trust it will turn out better because I’m choosing healthy now rather than change for the sake of change. It’s great to see you, Nancy. Thanks for the comment; it was exactly what I needed.

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