Posted by: Judy | March 8, 2017

Thanksgiving in March

Really. My current WIP is a Thanksgiving novella, Giving Thanks, #11 in the Holiday, USA series. Yes, it’s terribly late. My plan was to publish in July, then September, then October, November… and here we are. It will be published this month. Followed by a Christmas novella, the 2016 anthology, and into the 2017 novellas. Life happened!

Back to Thanksgiving. I wanted a feast on the book cover. I didn’t want to buy and cook a turkey. Chicken it is, rotisserie. Grocery shopping. Everything needs to be scaled down to fit the size of a chicken instead of a turkey. Mini cornbread loaves on sale. Already had pork and beans. Grape tomatoes on sale, for color. Mustard potato salad on sale. StoveTop stuffing already in the pantry. The second week of selling little pies at the Farmer’s Market in the grocery store. Saw them last week and hoped they were still there. Done. Fried onions for the green beans and onions I already have. Cut the mushroom soup for a healthier option, sort of. Spaghetti squash was already prepped with butter, brown sugar, cinnamon, and marshmallows on top. Baked. Already had a little can of pineapple, pistachio pudding, and marshmallows. No Cool Whip, but I did have heavy cream. Whipped and combined with the pineapple, pudding, and marshmallows. Decadent.

The warehouse store I visit had bowls I wanted, on sale. Woohoo! They also had rotisserie chicken for two dollars less than the grocery store. Yeast rolls that were on the small side were perfect. To top it all off, little brownie treats. I cut them in half, making them little squares. Very artistic. It was fun!

At five o’clock, my sister arrived, with her camera. She moved the little folding table outside. I found a table clothe in a drawer, and we moved the food outside. It’s all about the lighting. I ended up holding a blanket to hide the carport, where we were taking pictures.

After we finished, time to feast. No. I don’t have pictures. I will have a cover to share, when it’s time. I know, terrible tease. And yes, I’m learning to laugh at myself. A whole day spent for a picture that will be attached to an ebook and then placed on the back of a paperback that will only be sold online.

Was it worth it?


I had fun. My sister showed me the pictures, and I can’t wait to see what she finally chooses. She is able to see potential that completely eludes me.

Oh, and meals for the next few days will be yummy leftovers. Life is good.

This is the cover my sister created for my Leap Day novella, last year. I’ll only be able to used that holiday every four years. 😀

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