Posted by: Judy | March 7, 2017

Facing Your Fears

The blog Confessions of an Idiot shared a post on facing your fears.

I’ve done this exercise before. However, I’ve made some progress, and this is a good way to measure where I am in my journey.

I fear failure. I also fear success.

I fear being wrong.

I fear selling myself short.

I fear not accomplishing what God has planned for me to do.

At church, someone spoke of how the adversary’s plan is really about failure, which made me sit up and take notice. Wanting to never make a mistake, to never fail, to never even bobble is not anywhere in God’s plan. God knew I would fail, bobble, sin, which is why He prepared a way to deliver me by providing a Savior, Jesus Christ.

When I allow my fear of failure to hold sway, I am giving my power to the adversary. How stupid is that? I want nothing to do with the adversary, and here I am giving in to his most diabolical plan: Rejecting the power of my Savior to deliver me from my failures, His purpose.

I think it’s going to take practice to make this a permanent part of me, like Rule #1: Stop lying, especially to yourself. Give the battle to God. Praise God in the storm… how do I phrase the new one?

My Savior is willing and able to deliver me from my failures.

I may change it, but that’s the working one for now.


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