Posted by: Judy | March 6, 2017

Follow Up from last week…

My “zen” is fragile and yet tenacious. I’m able to “give the battle to God and praise God in the storm” as long as no one asks me about NM… not quite true. I’m careful. Someone asked me “What are you doing to help?” Somehow, it’s a bit uncomfortable saying, “My job is to call 9-1-1 when necessary.”

I’ve wondered why I’m not writing much. Rule #1: Stop lying, especially to yourself. It’s difficult to write or do much of anything when you spend the day raising your hands to heaven and murmuring, “Give the battle to God and praise God in the storm,” over and over and over.

What is a major difference?

I’m actually raising my hands to God and murmuring, “Give the battle to God and praise God in the storm” all day long.

I’m also embracing the knowledge of who I am.

NM would push buttons with the goal of making me lose my temper. I finally reached the point where she succeeded in pushing me until I was so angry I was shaking. I was screeching like a banshee, “Stop lying.” And then I shut the door. I didn’t hit her. I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that kind of behavior isn’t who I am. I was surprised. I worried I was exactly that kind of person, but I’m truly not. This realization has started me on my in-depth journey to discovering more about who I am.

I wrote “Responsibility vs Stewardship” and listened to the Tony Robbins’ “New Year, New You” again.

I’m a Christian.

I’m a writer.

I need to change from ‘I want to be healthy’ to ‘I am healthy.’ This is a tough one, but I know it’s within me to make it so.

Over on Motivating Daily, phil posted:

If you take responsibility for yourself you will develop a hunger to accomplish your dreams. ~ Les Brown

Be responsible

I discussed this post with my sister and she related something she’d heard. At a women’s conference, the presenter asked the participants to draw a circle and write their responsibilities on that circle. Things like family, church, service, job, house were listed. The presenter then asked the participants to draw a second circle. “Take all those responsibilities in the first circle and put them in the second circle.”

So, what belongs in the first circle? Your principles and values, the only things over which you have total control.

My sister and I agreed that we have already identified some of our values.

Rule #1: Stop lying, especially to yourself

Give the battle to God

Praise God in the Storm

Never, never, never give up.

It’s a start.


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