Posted by: Judy | February 27, 2017

Good change

Last Saturday, my sister and I, plus her husband, our dad, and one of my LOTR (Lord of the Rings) friends, spent the first part of the day at the Renaissance Fair. I know my energy limits. I knew what I wanted to see and do, which is pretty much what I’ve done for the last few years. By the way, I always wear my Ren Fair costume, leather shoes I bought at the fair over ten years ago, a tartan skirt, peasant blouse, and my LOTR wool cloak.

What was different this year?

My friend lamented my lack of spontaneity, even though I’d stated in my email scheduling the get-together that I’m delightfully predictable. I’m embracing it instead of beating myself up over it.

I didn’t wait around for everyone to decide what they wanted to do. I knew what I wanted to do. They could keep me company or not. If I was alone, I didn’t mind because I was doing what I wanted to do.

First stop was the Fellowship Foundry. They do pewter work. I have a Celtic Knot medallion necklace, a dragon necklace, and this year I bought a Celtic Cross necklace. The Celtic Cross has always appealed to me. Perhaps it’s because it reminds me of my heritage and knights. Next year, I’m planning to buy a Tree of Life necklace. I always keep to the less expensive items. Whenever I wear them, I’m reminded of a happy day.

Next on the list was “Tartanic,” bagpipes and drums. It’s fun. I’ve liked several bagpipers on social media. They always remind me of my short week in Scotland.

Then it’s on to Staffs by Gust, where I bought a staff about fourteen years ago. I return every year to have my staff properly oiled. This year, the handsome young gentleman used a fine steel wool to remove a few new flaws from careless handling on my part. He oiled the entire staff and retied the hand grip. It’s like new. He was very pleasant.

Onto Cast in Bronze, my main reason for attending the fair. I own several CDs and buy one new one every year. Once a year, I have the opportunity to see a live performance, and I attend two, fifteen minutes each. It isn’t much, but it always makes me smile.

In between carillon shows, I have lunch, a crepe with mushroom and cheese. Another of my traditions. The one and only crepe I indulge in every year. I could make some myself, but they don’t keep well. I’m not much up to arranging a dinner party simply so I have the opportunity to eat crepes. The Ren Fair is easier. I don’t have to prep or clean up. I eat and enjoy.

I was ready to head home, tired and happy. Maybe boring to someone else but a perfectly lovely day to me. It’s really a two-day event for me. The next day, I give myself permission to sleep in, rest, and recover. I don’t regret it for a moment and look forward to attending next year.

The real difference this year? I enjoyed my own company. Nothing was missing. I felt complete. I didn’t feel self-conscious. How that happened, I don’t know, but it was a joy. For the first time in my life, I felt totally at ease with myself. I didn’t think about my weight or my face. I didn’t wonder if anyone thought I was weird or stupid. My friend’s chastisement about my predictability re-enforced my awareness that it was their loss they couldn’t accept me the way I am.

Others will tell me that God has someone in store for me who will accept me the way I am. Jesus already does. Even better, He wants me to be my best self, which doesn’t include being something I’m not.

If I sound overly zen, it’s only because there’s a major upheaval coming. I have no control, and nothing I do will change anything. So, God gave me a wonderful day, and I’m going to bask in it. Giving the battle to God and praising God in the storm.



  1. It was a very good day. I’m glad you enjoyed it too.

    • 🙂

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