Posted by: Judy | February 23, 2017


Yesterday, I enjoyed lunch with a friend. The food was delicious at Kneaders. I ordered my usual Dave’s BLT on Country White bread, no onions. Yummy.

We chatted. I complained about how little I’ve accomplished, at least as regards my writing. I told her about the things I’ve been doing instead of writing. Shopping, laundry, dishes, refilled water bottles, yard work, taxes in, and I even talked to an estate planner. I don’t have much of an estate, but I’d like things to be as trouble free as possible for my sister, who’s going to take care of things for me. My friend commented, “You’re clearing away the cobwebs.”

She’s right. These are all things I’ve been thinking about, things that have been nattering in the back of my head. There is a certain relief to having them done, like clearing away the cobwebs. It doesn’t actually change anything, but there’s a pleasure in seeing long-overdue work done.

So, now the plan is to change my thinking a bit. Instead of beating myself up for not accomplishing what I think I should I’m going to celebrate clearing out the cobwebs.



  1. Love this! I also call this cleaning out the car. Before you can take off for a great destination, you want to be sure you’re only carrying the baggage you need:). All else cleared out. You’re making space!

    • I love that! 🙂

  2. That’s right! Celebrate the effort you put into anything even if it doesn’t go well.

    • 🙂

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