Posted by: Judy | February 21, 2017

My exploration Part 2

What do I want?

1 To be healthy

2 To wear pretty clothes

3 Write consistently and prolifically (that last one being subjective)

4 Own a dog again

5 Own a horse again

6 Home of my own

7 Live in courage

8 Thrive

9 Grow a garden

10 Property in the mountains

11 Property near the ocean

12 Travel

13 Clear up the weird rash on my hands

14 Clean my room so it isn’t so cluttered

15 Feel comfortable in a room that isn’t cluttered

16 Boots, cowboy type

17 Own my own car again

18 Play piano again

19 Finish cross-stitch projects

20 Financially independent

21 Cook again

22 Take good care of me

23 Live more in tune with God’s inspiration

24 Not be afraid of medical professionals ~ Need to visit the dentist at least

25 Lose weight

26 No more knee, back, hip pain

27 Perfect vision

28 Scars gone

29 PA ~ Personal Assistant

30 Willingness to give up faux control



  1. I love this list. 🙂

    • ❤ 🙂

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