Posted by: Judy | February 16, 2017

Holding pattern…

I started this post before Valentine’s Day, which turned out unexpectedly well. Grateful for a good day. I also know the following post fits too many of my days, so I’m posting it anyway in the hopes of helping me focus.

Things are a bit out of sorts right now. I’m feeling it in my inability to concentrate on much of anything. I know it’s bad when even reading a favorite author doesn’t hold my attention.

Roots to Blossom has offered a suggestion, and I think I’m going to try it.

I’ve several things I want to do but must wait until others contact me or the right day for me to contact them. Writing is the one thing I could do, but I sit at my computer with my document in front of me and stare at it. I go to pen and paper and write general information, repeating myself.

Maybe if I give myself an outline for guiding my writing, an exercise of sorts, maybe I’ll be able to collect my thoughts in a more orderly pattern. It certainly can’t hurt.

This is her follow up post:

I want to do this next.


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