Posted by: Judy | February 15, 2017

Unexpected response…

I enjoyed Valentine’s Day, this year. I decided I could mope and lament my single state or I could make a different choice. I’ve often purchased something for myself, chocolates and flowers.

This year, I was inspired to purchase my favorite chocolates in a decorative box and share. I bought two tins. The first I dropped off at my sister’s, where I also loaded some dishes into the dishwasher. (She has no trouble confessing she hates doing dishes; oddly enough, I enjoy it, sort of.) The second I dropped off at a dear friend’s and chatted for a bit.

I came home and put my groceries away. Unfortunately, I dropped a bottle of milk. I smashed my finger and hyper-extended my thumb; both are bruised. I lost three cups of milk. Instead of losing my temper or crying, I sighed and went to work cleaning it up. The mishap was not allowed to diminish the joy I’d found in the day.

This, this is who I am. I’m happy, generous, enjoy surprising people I love, practical and whimsical, accepting, responsible, loving. I’m also persistent, which now makes me laugh when I say it. I think of Gavin de Becker’s chapter on persistent people. Of course, he meant people who are unhealthily persistent.

Not to overinflate my virtues, I did go shopping for a skirt and a book for myself. Life is good.



  1. There is virtue in caring for yourself. I love your new skirt. Thank you for washing dishes and the box of chocolate is awesome. 🙂

    • Thank you, and you’re welcome. 🙂

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