Posted by: Judy | February 7, 2017


I’m struggling with the insanity at home. NM lied about being able to take care of herself, and EF lied about finding proper care of her if she couldn’t take care of herself.

It’s astonishing how many people expect victims to forgive and forget. In their twisted minds they believe that if the victim will only do that little bit it signals the end of the problem.

News Flash: Just because I forgive my abusers doesn’t mean God does.

Repeat: Just because a victim forgives the perpetrator doesn’t mean God does.

What forgiveness is for the abuse survivor: I give all my bitterness and need for revenge to God.

What forgiveness isn’t: A get-out-of-jail-free card for the predator.

The predator is still required to answer to God for his/her misdeeds/sins/abusive behavior. Whatever you want to call it, the predator still has to stand before God and give an accounting of their life choices.

What repentance is: A turning, a change, not simply feeling regret but actively making changes because there is a personal inability to continue in old habits.

What repentance isn’t: Words without action. Regret without change.




  1. Great words today, especially this last line: “What repentance isn’t: Words without action. Regret without change.” Thank you for sharing!

    • Thanks, and you’re most welcome.

  2. Sending you strength for an impossible situation

    • Thank you. ❤

  3. Beautiful photo! Still reading, will return to comment , after further intake! Thanks for sharing. Brings back memories…….that’s expected. Seems like centuries have passed!

    • Thank you. Hope it’s helpful.

  4. You forgive to be free of the predator, so he/she doesn’t take up anymore space in your mind and heart. The Bible says “forgive”. It doesn’t say forget. The predator might still be very dangerous. My husband and his cousin’s predator returned to visit his aunt. Why, there was a 9 year old grandson living in the house then. The boy’s father happened to visit the same day the predator did and physically threw him out of the house and none too gently. So, we don’t forget. What God does with the predator is up to God. If the predator truly repented and is now truly following God, that’s in God’s hands. If the predator is still preying on children, that’s also in God’s hands.

    • Exactly. So glad the boy’s father was there to protect him. What a precious blessing.

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