Posted by: Judy | February 3, 2017

Good News Friday

*Lunch at Kneaders with a dear friend

*P.croissant with my sister

*Walk and chats with my sister

*Lemon turnover and hot chocolate with whipped cream at P.croissant

*Homemade butter

*Homemade French toast made with pumpkin eggnog

*Pretty bouquet that’s this month’s bouquet of the month, the birthday present that will last all year long from one of my dear friends. It’s lasted for over a week.

*Knight in Disguise, the last book in the Endless Possibilities and Endless Knights series is published. It’s also the 13th book with Desert Breeze Publishing, Inc.

*Chatting with a dear friend

*Books I love.

What was something good in your week?



  1. Great list Judy, but you always do awesome lists of good news! 1.) I took a wonderful nap yesterday. I slept in the afternoon. Seriously. I think I slept 3 1/2 hours! 2.) Hot chocolate at the bakery. 3.) Downloaded a free book on my kindle I’ve been wanting to read. 4.) Ordered a new book, I’ve been wanting to read, from the local bookstore. 5.) Created two small flower arrangements. 🙂

    • Thank you! Good naps are well worth celebrating. Hot chocolate is one of the treats in life. Yay for free legal ebooks! (The author that opposes pirating coming out.) Not much better than anticipating a good read. Pretty! Great list, Kathy! 🙂

  2. PCroissant with my sister.
    Chats and walks with my sister.
    My sister is awesome.

    • Awww! Thanks! ((Ruth))

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