Posted by: Judy | January 11, 2017

More This and That…

I did a bit of research and found a blogger who compared several essential oil companies. No, this will not become an essential oils blog. Right now, it’s easier to deal with than the insanity at home.

The blogger chose Rocky Mountain Oils as their favorite. I’ve used Aura Cacia and am not particularly impressed. I’m familiar with Young Living and doTerra. My friend uses doTerra and has shared with me.

I didn’t like the Aura Cacia Peppermint or the Now geranium. Sort of expensive mistakes, but live and learn.

I have amazing, wonderful friends. They help me remember what is my responsibility and what isn’t.

Eating yesterday deteriorated to bread and milk, and yet it wasn’t an entirely bad thing. I love strawberry milk from the local dairy, and how am I supposed to say “no” when the bread at the store is still warm from the oven?

Yesterday was a bit of an interesting day, besides the bread and milk thing. It started with a less than restive night’s sleep. I wanted to be a little more spontaneous, tired of being tied down to routines. There’s a reason PTSD survivors have routines. It started with the vague plan to switch which store I went to first. I was only a quarter mile from home, and the silly crossing guard stopped in the crosswalk to check the cuff of his slacks. Hullo? It’s illegal to go through the crosswalk with anyone in it. In a school zone, it doesn’t matter if the person is on your side of the road or the other. He dawdled and dawdled and dawdled, and my frustration grew and grew and grew. It started a cascade of minor mishaps. I forgot to mail a letter at the local post office. I decided to mail it in the mailbox at one of the stores. I was going to go to it last, but habit had me stopping there first. I forgot my receipt. Next store, a handsome gentleman was looking at the essential oils. He had sunflowers in his cart. I was flustered. I grabbed the two oils I had on my list and hurried on. I’m not happy with either one. I also should have resisted the warm bread. Back in the car, I tore off a piece. I had hiccups for the next fifteen minutes, on my way to the water store. Yes, I buy water. My allergies improved. Anyway, the moment I stopped, I opened my quart of strawberry milk and drank straight from the bottle to stop the hiccups. Worked. Not being able to swallow properly is an obvious sign of stress.

Blessedly, a dear friend called and helped me straighten some tangled thoughts. The insanity in the house is wearing.


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