Posted by: Judy | January 10, 2017

This and that…

Sometimes, it’s good to simply allow myself to be scattered. I’m determined to improve my health significantly, this year. I’m sick and tired of being sick and tired.

Ravel’s Bolero performed by the London Symphony Orchestra:

I’m fiddling with essential oils. I’ve a friend who shares what she’s learned. I also registered with Dr. Eric Z and read articles on his site. Not to mention the herb study I’ve dabbled in for years.

Peppermint has always been on my No list. Mint chocolate chip ice cream, thin mints, any of it always gives me nasty heartburn. However, my friend introduced it to me as an air freshener. I love the smell. Funny, I didn’t like it when I only thought of it in terms of eating it. Now that I’m allowed to simply enjoy the aroma, I love it.

Lavender is still a favorite.

Rosemary is relatively new to my injury regimen. Sweet Tomatoes keeps a sprig on their tables. When I used to go there I was always rubbing it between my fingers. I have a tendency to lightly grab a branch and drag my hand along it then rub my hands together.

Frankincense is new to me, aside from reading about it in the Bible. Using the previous two and this one, I’ve managed to control the odd rash on the back of my left hand.

Cedarwood and geranium are on the list to explore next.

Herbal tea is being reinstated as part of my routine, only now I’m doing it morning and evening. It counts as part of my water intake, since it’s clear liquid. Morning is whatever I feel like. Yesterday, I drank Breathe Easy as I’ve had a bit of a stuffy head. Evenings is for Chamomile and Lavender, to help me relax.

I saw a health improvement program that talked about sleep. They recommended the best being 7 hours and 13 minutes. Yep, really. I’m giving it a try. Can’t hurt.

I listened to a podcast that suggested it’s best to have protein and healthy fat at dinner. The body needs these to repair while you sleep at night. I’ve noticed that if I save my protein and fat meal for dinner I don’t snack in the evening. Another new habit worth giving a try.

I’m using a walking stick on my morning walks. It really does help with my right leg that’s always giving me trouble. It makes me more aware and so less careless. I also use it to do upper body exercises.

I’m taking better care of me, mentally and emotionally, which means distancing myself from people who choose lies over the truth and darkness over light.

Hanging out with people I enjoy is a priority it hasn’t been before.

I’m meeting friends in September. I’m determined to be healthy enough to make it enjoyable.

As much as I want to be healthy, I don’t want to go overboard and become a health nut. I’ve lived with that all my life, and it’s depressing.

What is all this coming down to?

I’m tired of dodging the insanity inflicted my a few people in my life. I’ve let it rule my life. No more. I’m done.

I choose to enjoy my life.


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