Posted by: Judy | January 5, 2017

Determined to change…

I’m not recommending anyone take the same path I am. My journey reminds me of my physical therapist’s words, after my epidural injection. At one of my last visits with him, he informed me that he had given me exercises he’d never given anyone before. He admonished me to not “share” my exercises with others, not because they were bad but because they were tailored to me. He’d watched what each exercise did for me. He couldn’t be sure what those same exercises would do for someone else. He’d factored in my dedication. I was committed. He knew I’d do exactly what he told me to do, without fail. Well, everything except lose weight. That was a whole other problem. He admitted that he’d never worked with anyone the way he’d worked with me. He’d never had a client like me. I had to learn to listen to my body, in many ways, while I still fail (epically) in other ways. I need a coach for my physical improvement, but I’ve never found anyone willing to work around all my limitations, physical and mental.

I’ve followed Impossible from early on. I’m not up to doing all the impossible things he does. However, he reminds me to stretch my thinking and try new things.

I don’t recommend taking the same path anyone else does. You are unique.

I do recommend exploring the paths others have taken. I’ve made it a habit to incorporate bits and pieces of programs into my daily routines.

I recently started following Brendon. I don’t agree with everything he says, but I’ve found him more helpful than not.

For me, an unexpected mentor has made a priceless difference. She’s teaching me to be the woman I always wanted to be, choosing honor and grace, practicing abundant thinking and giving, unearthing humor and passion.

Irrelevant side note: I miss the WP snow.



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