Posted by: Judy | January 4, 2017

Gifts January 2017

A new start. I’ve mentioned, in years past, that I don’t care for “resolutions.” I’m not a fan of “goals,” either. Resolutions speak of a commitment I don’t always feel. I know, allowing my emotions to dictate isn’t healthy. Goals remind me of sports, something at which I’ve never excelled. I feel beaten before I’ve started. Instead, I like to think of giving myself Gifts throughout the year.

I have to admit I like Cake Wrecks’ “resolutions.”

I also like Tony Robbins’ “New Year, New You.”

Cool. First time I’ve been able to embed a video. Learned something new! It’s about 35 minutes. I’ve listened to it twice already. It’s a great opportunity for me to do a little doodling.

I also loved Sharon Hamilton’s post, this week, and decided to add some of hers to mine. Starting with the “Writing Every Day.”

1 Write Every Day. Easy to track.

2 Set up an author page at Author Central on Amazon. I’d like readers to be able to more easily find my books. My author page/blog on blogger lists all my books, but it would be good to have more of a presence on Amazon.

3 Last month, I started a new weight loss “plan.” I’m losing 1% of my total body weight at a time. Each 1% has it’s own number in the sequence. I lost #3 several times. I’m on #4.

4 Publish “Giving Thanks,” novella #11 of the Holiday, USA series.

5 Publish novella #12 of the Holiday, USA series, “Christmas Lost.” This one is only vaguely outlined in my head. However, I have to start somewhere.

6 I was channel surfing and caught a segment that stated a person needs 7 hours and 13 minutes of sleep every night. Not 8. Achieving the 8 has always been difficult for me. I usually end up with a broken 7 or so. I’m willing to give it a try.



  1. I’m not much of a resolution person. I’ve made two resolutions in my life. The first one I DID!!! All the way through all 12 months. The second resolution ~ I was successful through August. Not bad. I don’t have any resolutions this year, however, I’m going to continue Scripture Journaling and we have a little bedroom that needs to be organized. I plan to make it ship shape and Bristol fashion this year. 🙂 Blessings to you.

    • Thank you! I think the whole idea is about moving in a direction you want to go instead of backsliding. Go you!

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