Posted by: Judy | December 21, 2016

Thoughts and actions

An incident occurred where someone who is extremely patient was lamenting their lack of patience. I reminded them that they didn’t hit people and didn’t call them names. The person murmured, “I thought it.”

“As a man thinkers, so is he,” is another whip that abusers use on those they believe they have the right to control. Funny how they never see the personal need to change themselves.

Yes, thoughts shape us. However, bad thoughts don’t make anyone a bad person. Neither do good thoughts make anyone a good person. We all have both. The thought is the starting point but nowhere near the end. The final determination is what one chooses to do.

The problem isn’t that you have bad thoughts. Everyone does. The question is: Do you entertain the bad thoughts or do you kick them out the door?

The adversary knows that bad thoughts pull us down. He doesn’t know what you’re thinking, but he’s studied you and knows your pitfalls. He loses every time you kick the bad thoughts out the door, even if it means kicking them out the door every five minutes.

Replacing bad thoughts with good ones fills the vacuum but that doesn’t mean the adversary won’t squeeze something in anyway. He’s clever. He’s had thousands of years of practice.

The good news: God is smarter. God really does know what you’re thinking, not simply guessing. He’s the only one who knows.

This is why it’s never bothered me to grouse at God. I figured He knew anyway. What was the point of pretending anything else?

In the world where I grew up, bad thoughts were a constant diet. The negative tape expanded and deepened. I’ve written about it here. I understood the need to end its power. It still exists, but the power is weakening.

I practiced and practiced and practiced kicking the bad thoughts out. Sometimes it worked. Sometimes it didn’t.

I failed to practice and practice and practice inviting the good thoughts in. I’m learning now. It’s never too late.



  1. Good post, Judy. Wise words.

    • Thanks, Beth.

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