Posted by: Judy | December 16, 2016

Good News Friday

*Supportive family and friends

*Dog time

*Raspberry turnover and hot chocolate at P.croissant

*Walks and chats with my sister

*No longer hiding behind my weight

*Breakfast sandwich, ham, shrooms, and cheddar cheese at P.croissant, along with hot chocolate with marshmallows and whipped cream. Yum.

*Encouraging the dragon in me, finding my courage.

*A little fall of rain

What was something good in your week?




  1. Sigh. Streeeeetch! Good morning. It’s MORNING! 🙂 1.) Met a friend at a local coffee shop. Great visit and good hot chocolate. 2.) Managing to stay toasty warm and cozy in this very cold December. 3.) Made banana muffins. So good. 4.) We bought a salad spinner! haha. The demos were great fun in the store. I was spinning them and watching them go round! HA! 5.) Had friends over for lasagna. Great times! Happy Day Judy! Love your comment, encouraging the dragon! Go girl!

    • Good morning! Yay for good friends and chocolate. Toasty in the cold is very good. Yummy and good for you muffins can’t be beat. Okay, not so good for you but not exactly bad either. 😉 Salad spinners are fun! That’s definitely good. Mmmmm… Sounds good. 🙂 Thanks. 😀

  2. You had me at dog time! Watching my teen with our dog warms my heart–makes me realize how very much we need them:).

    • Amen. ❤

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