Posted by: Judy | December 15, 2016

Hollywood is wrong, again.

I was watching “Bull.” I like Michael Weatherly, from his “NCIS” days.

“Did you ever forgive your father?”

“I never trusted him again.”

“If you can’t forgive your father…”


I stopped listening and wanted to yell at them that trust and forgiveness are not interchangeable. Over and over, the message is drummed in that if you forgive someone then you trust them again. No. No, you don’t. Minor infractions, yes, trust can be won back. Major infractions, sometimes trust can be won back, but it’s hard work. Many times, trust is lost forever, which in no way means that forgiveness isn’t given.



  1. Sometimes the person is not trustworthy….no matter what I do, my mother is still not trustworthy.

    • True.

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