Posted by: Judy | December 13, 2016

Where did the year go?

So many plans. Some successful. Some failed.

I haven’t accomplished as much writing as I wanted. I’m short two novellas. However, I intend to rectify that.

Weight hasn’t changed. However, I’ve managed to stop an out-of-control climb.

I’m eating better. Had a major blow up, the kind that usually drives me to chocolate. I looked at it and thought, “The chocolate doesn’t win today. I don’t need it to comfort me or fill me.” I brushed my teeth and relaxed with writing and reading. Chocolate isn’t off the table, but now it’s simply a treat I enjoy. Go me.

The new skirts, two of them, are lovely. I enjoy them. It took me two weeks to wear the prettiest, but I did on Sunday. Love it.

I haven’t read nearly as many books this year as I did last year.

Dealing with a difficult situation. Doing better than I expected. Proof I have made some good changes and they’ve stuck.


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