Posted by: Judy | December 8, 2016

Liars need not apply.

Rule #1: Stop lying, especially to yourself.

I don’t want or need lies in my life.

I want to be a truth seeker.

Looked up truth seekers, and found a site that is all about exposing conspiracies. Not quite what I had in mind and yet isn’t that what survivors do? We seek to reveal the truth of the conspiracies created to keep us under control, reveal the truth behind the gas lighting, expose the abusers’ lies.

The truth often hurts, especially for those who prefer comforting lies.

Sometimes, I come across as harsh about truth and lies. I confess it’s often because I bought into the lies for so long and I fear falling into bad habits. The intensity really isn’t me endeavoring to convince who I’m with but me re-enforcing my need to choose truth for myself.


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