Posted by: Judy | December 7, 2016

I will not backslide…

NM is coming home, tomorrow. I’ve worried about things going back to the way they were. They won’t. I’m not the same.

While she’s been gone, she’s emailed me, complimenting me on my stories. It’s meaningless. Why would I believe any of the good things she says about me when she’s lied so often about bad things I haven’t done?

She’s attempted to manipulate me into responding to her by asking questions she deemed required a response or asking me to do something. I carefully considered and chose not to respond. I didn’t know the answer to the questions, and what she wanted me to do was unnecessary.

The manipulating won’t stop once she’s home, but I’m learning to step back. More importantly, I’m learning to turn off the hot buttons she likes to push.

Things I need to remember:

Glory and peace

Every single one of the above posts appeared yesterday morning as I contemplated the coming change. Each brought me peace.

I’m only beaten if I give up.



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