Posted by: Judy | November 10, 2016


I’ve written a post about recent events and yet can’t bring myself to schedule it. I wonder if it will serve any purpose. Will it uplift, inspire, help someone else? Or am I spilling what doesn’t really need to be spilled?

It’s been a difficult year. I’m behind on my personal writing schedule.

However, I haven’t been idle. Life blew up, and I’m working to create a new “normal.”

Yesterday, I walked and did my physical therapy. I rescued a little daddy long legs spider and crushed a cockroach. I trimmed blackberry bushes. I squeezed and saved lime juice, stuffed the rinds in a jar, added vinegar, and left it on the counter; in two weeks, add water and voila cleaning fluid. I vacuumed and enjoyed dog time. I roasted potatoes, quick, easy, yummy. Writing consisted of blogs, social media, and emails.

For some reason I’ve yet to fully discern, I’ve bought new shoes and skirts. I’m tired of making do with clothes that have embarrassing holes and don’t fit. I’ve kept hoping I’d lose weight. I have an entire wardrobe or two in smaller sizes. I’m not buying a lot, a couple of pairs of cheap but cute flats and a couple of inexpensive skirts. I’m usually pretty careful about using my money wisely and not overspending. Not perfect but I do pretty well. Not so much recently.



  1. I’m having a hard time with the election results. It’s as if my mother the narcissist was suddenly given almost unlimited power. I’m already having nightmares. But I truly hope i am wrong about how bad I think this man is.

    Sounds like you’ve done some nice, relaxing things! Any plans for the lime juice? I just made a seared chicken with a lime/cilantro/chopped pumpkin seed sauce yesterday, and it was delicious.

    • First thing I made was key lime pie, without a crust. 😀 It was yummy. My dad has discovered he really likes his carrots cooked in lime. 🙂 Your recipe sounds delicious!

      • I enjoy cooking. Key Lime pie is a favorite!

        • I used Mrs. Field’s key lime pie with meringue. I think I broke the lime part, but it still tasted yummy. 🙂

  2. I like the omen of new clothing–you’re seeing that you deserve to be treated well. I, too, have been going against an upbringing of being spartan with myself. I’ve realized it’s ok for things to bring me joy as long as there is not attachment to them.

    • Tough habit to break. Good distinction to make.

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